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2019 Swirl Bude Sea Pool. Interactive, participatory and generative sound Installation in collaboration with artist Timothy Crowley, commissioned by Sound UK and Exeter University as part of REFLECT- ARTS AND MIND PROJECT.

2019 Working in collaboration with Timothy Crowley on Norah; an ambitious interactive sound installation based on recorded interviews with Norah Ludgate, a Cornish woman who worked for the Admiralty during WW2. We are applying to the Inspire Fund, Altzheimers Research UK.

2018 (October) Swarm Installation event and workshop. A commissioned sculpture for Falmouth University (Penryn Campus) a ceramic swarm of gilded bees inspired by the dream of Walter Bronescombe, by Kate Ogley and Timothy Crowley. Swarm was created with the help of local people, staff and students from Falmouth University. All took part in a series of bee making workshops where they made individual press-molded clay bees.

2018 (September) Souls Live on in Perpetual Echoes, Plymouth Art Weekender. 3 day outdoor public sound installation inspired by Plymouth’s prehistoric Bone Caves with Timothy Crowley.

2017 Awarded Skills Share Fair bursary with artist Timothy Crowley. Bee pressing workshop (Swarm). Field Notes, Penryn Arts Festival.

2017 Place-Exploration a 5 day residency by Bram Arnold with Davis+Jones at Kestle Barton.

2017 Transit Plymouth Art Weekender sound installation located in the trees at Frankfort Gate; collaboration with artist Timothy Crowley, asylum seekers and migrant workers in Plymouth with special thanks to Patrick, Musad, Edson and Rassa for their (anonymous) contributions.

2017 Bee pressing workshop at Tipping Points and Chaos Exhibition and BioBlitz Festival Falmouth University.

2017 Swarm Collaborative participatory project with artist Timothy Crowley commissioned by Falmouth University.

2017 Joined LUX Critical Forum at CAST Institute Helston.

2017 Scallop Cutters digital film, screened as part of Bodies of Water Programme curated by Dr. Kayla Parker. Force 8 all-day artists’ film event, The Galley, Bridport, Dorset; 11am to 5pm.

2017 Flow A weeks collaborative residency at The Crypt Gallery, London, with sound artist Timothy Crowley; we created a series of sound installations inspired by the subterranean river Fleet that flows nearby.

2016 Bridge Of Air. Bridgeguard Residency 3 month collaborative and community based art residency in Sturovo, Slovakia with sound artist Timothy Crowley.

2015 Scallop Cutters digital film, screened as part of Surface Deep: Bodies of Water, Murdoch House, Redruth, Cornish Film Festival.

2015 Scallop Cutters digital film screening as part of Bodies of Water Programme, presented jointly by the Land/Water and the Visual Arts and Moving Image Arts (MIA) research groups. Plymouth University.

2015 Shortlisted in collaboration with Timothy Crowley for Bristol Biennale: In Other Worlds

2015 Mentor for artist Orly Ammon. Backlane West Redruth.

2014 Scallop Cutters digital film selected for artists moving image programme Bodies of Water The Royal West of England Academy Bristol.

2014 Embedded. A four day contemporary art event at the historic Enys Gardens for Penryn Festival showcasing work of 10 international and regional artists as well as providing a series of diverse and innovative workshops. Curated and Project Managed with Sound Artist Timothy Crowley.

2014 Lineage digital film installation observing the nocturnal rituals involved in the collection, identification and recording of moths and their extraordinary genetic lineage. Embedded.

2014 Embedded. Drop in Sound Workshop hosted by Timothy Crowley and Kate Ogley. Participants made sounding objects which triggered rhythmical and melodic sounds on a computer. The generative computer program written by Timothy Crowley (in Supercollider) played the composition during this interaction, allowing the participant to hear and immediately contribute to it. Participants contributed to the creation of an 8 minute sound composition which became available to download on SoundCloud.

2014 Sound Art Workshops hosted by Timothy Crowley and Kate Ogley sponsored by Krowji. A fun and innovative introduction to Sound Art for the general public and people with profound learning difficulties.

2014 Embedded. Moth Magic, A nocturnal workshop exploring the secret world of moths with one of the foremost moth experts in the county Tony James and his wife Pat. The workshop observed and recorded moths within Enys garden, inviting participants to appreciate the huge variety and subtle beauty of these creatures.

2013 Scallop Cutters digital film Back Lane West Art Film Night Tee Rex Cinema Penryn Arts Festival.

2013 Super Moon. collaboration with sound installation artist Timothy Crowley on the Ark at Jubilee Wharf. An evening of live performance and sonic installation presented by School of Noises as part of Penryn Arts Festival.

2013 Karst Residency exchange Plymouth with Backlane West,. Ongoing project collecting songs from migrant workers in the Stonehouse district of the city and creating sound interventions within the urban landscape.

2013 Meantime Residency in Cheltenham. Audio portraiture - songs and interviews with migrant workers

2012 Scallop Cutters film selected for Cologne Experimental Documentary Festival 2012 part of the Cologne International Video Art Festival a nomadic festival project

2012 Shpella Family digital film selected for screening; Square Eyes Bologna, Caz event, Exchange Gallery Penzance and Bologna Italy

2012 Shpella Family digital film and Sonnets sound installation; interweaving themes of enchantment, absence and migration. Site- Non- Site NSA event at Kestle Barton

2012 Selected for mentoring session with Benn Cooke director of Lux organisation. Mezz opportunity,Stroud Valley Arts in collaboration with Meantime.

2012 Presentation, Liminal Bodies Cornwall Autonomous Zone event Exchange Gallery Penzance

2011 Residency in the Thethi valley Albania. In association with The Balkan Peace Park Project. Lives in a Landscape

2011 Selected for the Embark Bursary

2011 Different Trains screened at Square Eyes Caz event, Exchange Gallery Penzance

2011 Navigating Art Therapy (2011), compiled by Chris Wood E.Sussex, USA and Canada, Routledge: entries on Joseph Beuys. www.navigatingarttherapy.org

2010 Songs of Displacement film installation. Happidrome,The Lizard. Situated in an abandoned World War 2 bunker the work makes the inherent connection between war and displaced people. I was concerned with the idea of the essential song or Cantus Firmus that expresses something fundamental about who we are. (happidrome.wordpress.com)

2010 Stardust to Flesh multi media installation, rainwater, hotplate, magnets, microscopes, digital film, overhead projectors  Extracting micro meteorites from rainwater collected from the gallery roof; exploring the significance of traces from other worlds. Exchange Gallery Penzance.Transition 9

2009 Different Trains digital film sponsored by Krowji, the Cornwall Film Festival, first part of a 3000km journey from Istanbul to Tehran

2008 Show and Tell digital film. Invigorate event at the Exchange Gallery in Penzance; Evaluation of the Wharf Wharf! event

2007 Treasurer for the More campaign. Umbrella group coordinating 15 artist- led projects across Cornwall during June July and August

2007 Scallop Cutters, digital film A day in the life of migrant workers at Falmouth Wharf exploring themes of displacement and absence. Wharf.Wharf! Falmouth Wharf.

2007 Scallop Cutters digital film One in a Million, Illogan Highway Methodist Chapel 

2007 Co-curator of Wharf! Wharf!; Site-specific exhibition at Falmouth Wharf (one of the largest indoor art events in Cornwall) featuring artist led group Level 2 and  invited artists Brendan Byrne, Paul Chaney, Zierle and Carter.

2007 Full Fathom Five installation, crushed scallop shells commemorating the lives of World War 11 servicemen who’s bodies had been laid out in the warehouse at Falmouth Wharf after Dunkirk. Wharf,Wharf! event

2007 Birds featured in publication Wheal Art, ed(s) Sharkey et al

2006 Birds KInetic Installation, kid leather gloves, string, motor and motion sensor. Wheal Art Weekend

2007  Birds featured in publication Wheal Art, ed(s) Sharkey et al

2006   Birds KInetic Installation, kid leather gloves, string, motor and motion sensor. Wheal Art Weekend

2006   Santas £10 Tombola

2005   Wharf, the Secret History, group exhibition by art collective Level 2 Falmouth Art Centre; Sack Series

2004   Open Studios. Falmouth Wharf, Falmouth Cornwall

2004    M.A Show Falmouth University College

2002    Group show with Asp artist group at The Mews Gallery, Penryn Cornwall


Forthcoming Events and Projects

Selected for Art Weekender Plymouth (September 2017) with artist Timothy Crowley. Sound Art collaboration with migrant workers in Plymouth.

Swarm Collaborative participatory project with artist Timothy Crowley commissioned by Falmouth University.


Positions and Awards

2011   Member of Newlyn Society of Artists

2008   £100 commission from Krowji for film project at the Big Pitcher Event as part of Cornwall Film Festival 2008

2007   On steering committee as treasurer for the More campaign

2006   Creative skills travel award to see the Liverpool Biennale

2006   Level 2 awarded £25,000 by English heritage for a two- year research led project examining the history, site and people of Falmouth Wharf.

2004   Creative Skills development fund award to visit Jacki Irvine exhibition in Leeds

2004   Level 2 Awarded Skills Development Fund of £5,000 for the initial research led art project concerning Falmouth Wharf

2004-2007   Founding member and acting chair of the art initiative Level 2.



2004-06   Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Cornwall College

2002-04   M.A. Fine Art, Falmouth University College

2000-02   Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Falmouth University College                                                                                                                        

1985-88   B.A. Honours in Fine Art, Central Lancashire University

1984-85   Foundation in Art and Design, Brighton University 



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