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Collaborative Work in Progress with Artist Timothy Crowley

We have been making a series of field recordings of trees. Initially we focused on the sounds made by the wind in the branches and leaves of trees, and seems to possess an oceanic quality. More recently we have been using contact mics on the trunks of the trees to hear the sound of the rising sap in the xylem tubes. The recordings reveal surprising sloshing and guzzling sounds, as well as knocks, creaks and groans within the timber.

Kate Ogley

I am currently collaborating with the artist Timothy Crowley on photographic sound installation. Each installation is our own re-experience of a place in Cornwall that has become familiar through wild camping and cycling. We have taken analogue sequential panoramic photographs, and produced large wall triptychs, and made sound recordings using a little known early 20th century technique, and adapted, developed and refined a speaker system which projects surround sound from a point behind the panoramic photograph. Some of the sounds appear to be located outside the photograph to the left and right, seeming to be in fixed illusionary positions in the room, allowing you to move around the soundscape.

Timothy Crowley 2022 Moon, Trees and Owls Image for photographic sound installation
Owl recording (stereo edit)

Kate Ogley 2022 Mulfra Quiot Image for photographic sound installation
Mulfra Quiot recording (stereo edit)

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